From the imperceptible to the immeasurable, from abyssal trenches to cosmic spaces, the interactions between biogenous and biotic phenomena, the factors that influence planetary changes and the trajectories followed by life. My daily study and artistic work heavily rely on all these topics. My work attempts to experience the scales at which human beings can apprehend the mechanisms that have led to the appearance of complex ecosystems and life forms by drawing both from various cosmogonies and from the practices of contemporary scientific research.

Imagining these past, present and future genesis, in the world we know and in those we seek to discover, produces hypotheses to understand the stakes of the evolution of living beings and the sometimes profound transformation of their territories. In my practice, these hypotheses take the form of devices inspired by scientific tools or that can be integrated into them. In their formal proposal, they attempt to show the interweaving of natural mechanisms and events that make a context perceptible.

These events, which involve the adaptive faculties of living beings or the capacity of ecosystems to absorb them, are so many indices of a global process made up of ebbs and flows. Isolated, these successive advances and failures seem insignificant. However, they continually re-launch the implacable transformation of the world to which my work seeks to testify.