Alex Mira



2019 – in progress environment: underground materials: limestone, aluminium, PLA, glass, living things, electronics, rainwater horizon: -2204 m / 0 m cycle: 13100000 h

Regesta is a device designed to produce calcareous concretions (Stalactite/Stalagmite). Rainwater passes through a layer of humus where it is charged with CO2. It then passes through a tank containing limestone which it dissolves. At the outlet of this tank, the water falls drop by drop and by evaporating leaves formations comparable to speleothems.

Through this process, the installation follows a time scale totally different from ours. With an average growth of 1 mm per year, it would take several hundred years for stalactite and stalagmite to reach each other. Through this temporality, the installation tries to put into perspective our relationship to the world and the place we occupy in it.

Associate researcher Isabelle Couchoud - Edytem/CNRS

              Aluminum, PLA, glass, pump, timer, rainwater, earth, limestone.
              272 × 30 × 30 cm