Alex Mira



2019 – in progress environment: ocean materials: video, seawater, aluminium, steel, living things, electronics horizon: -10994 m / 0 m cycle: 0.58 h

Pelagos is a video showing a descent and ascent in the aphotic oceanic zone. A camera, placed in a waterproof chamber and equipped with LED projectors and a depth sensor, is lowered by hand into the area of the water column where the light no longer penetrates sufficiently for photosynthesis to occur - at the edge of the mesopelagic zone.

This round trip in an inhospitable zone touches a world that we ignore as much as we impact it. The intense blue of the surface gradually darkens until it reveals the near-cosmic dance of the organisms inhabiting the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

Associate Researcher : Denis Bonhomme – GIS Posidonie/OSU Pythéas

          Color video (underwater camera)