Alex Mira


Helios (Spectral G)

2011 – in progress environment: spatial materials: video, internet, plasma horizon: 149597870000 m / 149597870000 m cycle: 1.26 h

Hélios is a video edited from 2489 open access photos, reproducing a revolution of the Earth around the Sun.

Located in 226 countries, as well as on the seas and oceans, the sunsets follow one another according to their geographical position. These figurative moments are associated in a pursuit of the allegory of the Sun.

« This phantasmatic video produces a sensation of unbridled vertigo. The gaze is lost between the permanence of the subject and the variety of points of view. The sun is invoked here through the prism of myth. Helios, sometimes associated with the figure of Apollo, symbolizes the vital radiance and violence of luminous energy. Under this star, we burn and we live, subjected to the extreme force of a seemingly perpetual fire. But, captured in a sunset, it is also the sick and aging star that will soon be extinguished, premonition of an end, chronicle of a drama to come. »
Théo-Mario Coppola

              Helios (Spectral G)
              Color video
              2'45'', looped