Alex Mira


Ecce Unda

2019 – in progress environment: urban, rural, wild materials: ceramic, aluminium, PLA, wood, electronics, rainwater horizon: 0 m / 5000 m cycle: 5 h

This structure, similar to the Au jusant project, is equipped with a pump that brings water from the main tank to a reservoir, and falls onto a raw ceramic stoneware slab.

Ecce Unda is inspired by flash floods : the gravitational force of the moving water digs into the material, lifts and pulls out whole pieces of earth, which in turn carries away everything in their path. From this short and brutal phenomenon, valleys and reliefs, plateaus and cliffs emerge, clear contours of a new topography.

          Ecce Unda
          Ceramic, aluminum, PLA, plywood, rubber, pump, timer, rainwater.
          232 × 56 × 56 cm