Alex Mira


Illusion field

2015 environment: urban materials: rubble, steel horizon: 0 m / 2 m cycle: 168 h

This installation is the result of a residency at the experimental gallery ZSenne artlab, Brussels in November 2015. Resulting from a project at the crossroads of exploratory and digital arts, it reflects a work on the notions of context, feeling and imagination.

The work, made up of 3.5 tons of rubble collected on a demolition site in the European quarter of Brussels, recreates the ground of a city in ruins. It is deliberately invaded by the works of the other artists of the project along with the furniture made for the residency, including a multimedia workstation.

This ensemble, frozen in stone and dust, attempts to reveal the membrane that separates a situation's reality from the fantasies that arise from it.
          Illusion field
          650 × 540 cm