Alex Mira


Ebb and flow

2019 – in progress environment: coastal materials: ceramic, aluminium, PLA, wood, electronics, rainwater horizon: 0 m / 20 m cycle: 20 h

This structure, similar to the Ecce Unda project, is equipped with a pump that brings water from a tank up to several nozzles that make it run over a raw white ceramic plate. The water slowly erodes the plate, until it produces patterns comparable to the sand forms shaped by flowing water along the seaside.

These lines, which in nature are home to an abundance of life that evolves with the time imposed by the ocean, echo the millions of years that have seen life gradually move from the aquatic environment to the land.

              Ebb and flow
              Ceramic, aluminum, PLA, plywood, rubber, pump, rainwater.
              126 × 56 × 46 cm