Alex Mira



2021 environment: Coastal materials: video, aluminium, ceramic, seawater, living things horizon: -0,5 m / 2,5 m cycle: 0,16 h

Aedes Aedes is the fantasy of a meeting between two moments occuring 5000 years apart. An attempt to imagine a future able to resist to the incomming shock. The hybrid object draws its inspiration from contemporary scientific culture and Neolithic architecture. Two approaches to the world, each in its own way, contribute to our understanding of the world and the natural cycles.

A utilitarian homage to an heritage threatened by erosion and rising waters, this amphibious structure reveals unpredicted links between man and nature grown in the long term. A kind of bio-mimetic work, to highlight the reallocation of a doomed human legacy.

Associate researcher Philippe Gouezin - Univ. Rennes I

              HD color video
              c.250 × 80 cm