Alex Mira



2013 – in progress environment: urban, rural materials: humus, living things, variable horizon: 0 m / 0.5 m cycle: infini

A square meter of land is fenced to preserve it from human intervention for as long as possible. These installations are the first of a potentially infinite series. Their objective is to subject a surface occupied and transformed by human activity to the sole action of nature, which in turn would artificially reclaim land, square meter by square meter. The protocol at the origin of this project involves the participation of several actors under a signed contract. Institutions, companies or individuals who own a piece of land, give their agreement for the delimitation of one or more square meters within their territory and commit themselves to preserve it right after the contract is signed. This document specifies the identity of the parties, the location of the facility, the building materials to be used as well as the commitments made by each party.

The installation is completed with a plaque displaying a cartel and a short text, as well as two prints on Dibond, witnessing the installation's activation.

If the landowner decides to break the contract, if the installation is damaged or crossed by a human being, it is considered destroyed.

              1m² #1
              N 40° 48' 04" – O 76° 20' 34"
              Rebars, rope.
              100 × 100 × 40 cm
              (Status unknown)

              1m² #2
              N 48° 30' 42.37" – E  3° 12' 15.31"
              Steel plates, corners, bolts.
              100 × 100 × 50 cm
              (Destroyed on 06/11/16)

              1m² #3
              N 50° 43' 26.7" – E  4° 52' 01.7"
              Brass rods.
              100 × 100 × 50 cm
              (Destroyed – Date unknown)